Pole Lesson

Pole dancing, also known as pole fitness is a growing sport as well as a form of fitness. This form of exercise is the perfect balance between challenging and fun! We offer many different styles of pole lessons so you can learn your spins, tricks, transitions and choreo! If you have never taken a pole class thats okay! Beginners are totally welcomed!


Frequently asked questions

For who are these lessons for? Everyone! We offer lessons for beginners and advanced students.

What do I wear? Shorts and a tank top are suggested. PLEASE no lotions, oils or creams for gripping reasons.

Do I bring heels? Heels are optional depending on your own preference.

What type of pole fitness/dance lessons? We offer tricks and spin lessons as well as free formed and exotic lesson.

How much are these lessons? This varies on which package you choose.



Aerial Lessons

Aerial hoop (lyra), silks (tissu) and hammock (sling) is a great way to increase your range of motion while building stamina and strength. These lessons are designed to teach you tricks, transitions and safety. We spend time on flexibility, conditioning as well as small sequences for students to learn and understand the basics. After grasping the fundamentals more difficult tricks can be executed. 


Frequently asked questions:

For who are these lessons for? Everyone! We work with all levels.

What do we wear? Form Fitting clothing that covers the backs of the knees as well as torso area.

What type of aerial apparatus's? We currently offer aerial hoop (lyra), silks and hammock.

How much are these classes? This varies on which package you choose.