Hey beautiful! If you are here on this page then you may be looking for something exciting and fun to do. You may be hosting a bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday party or organizing a night out with your girlfriends. Keep reading for all the yummy details!

One or Two Hour Party

One hour parties are great for groups looking for something short, sweet and simple. A one hour party comes with one lesson of your choice.

Two Hour parties are great for larger groups or any group looking for variety in their party. Two hour parties come with two lessons of your choice.

Available Lessons for Parties 

WHAT DOES MY PARTY INCLUDE? Your party will include an hour or two hours of our instructors time and knowledge. Instructor also brings all necessary equipment to host the party for you. This could include a stage pole and chairs, depending on the lesson you chose. Your party also includes custom playlist for your party and we take song requests for choreographed lessons. 

WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? We advise all women to wear something they feel good and confident in. Something form fitting and feminine. Shorts are highly recommend for pole lessons and leggings are recommended for all other lessons. Strip tease you will need to discuss your attire (button down, leg warmers, shorts ect) You can come barefoot or you can wear heels. Aerial lesson everyone will need legs and upper body covered in form fitting clothing. DO NOT wear any lotions or oils the day of party as it can interfere with learning pole tricks and spins. Please leave all jewelry at home as it can damage the poles and aerial equipment as well as your jewelry.


WHAT IF SOME OF MY GROUP DOESN'T MAKE IT? When booking a party make sure you have a good estimate of how many people can make it. If the your group is significantly lower than planned let us know 24 hours in advance so we can change the group rate if fitting. Failing to let us know will result in paying the higher rate. 


ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? It can be a workout so please bring water. Non refundable down payment/deposits are required in order to book a day and time. We highly suggest arriving or be prepared for us to arrive 15 minutes early.  Any questions? Call us at 951-719-6670 or email us HERE.