Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What class should I take if I’m a beginner?
A.  If you want to learn pole dancing, it’s best to start with our Sexy Pole Basics or Silks 1/Aerial Hoop 1 or start with non pole classes such as the dance or fitness classes.  Don’t be scared.  It will be fun! 
Q. Do I have to dance in less modest clothing?
A. Not at all.  You can wear what ever you feel comfortable in, although shorts and tank tops are recommended.  You will need skin to help stick to the pole for more advanced classes. 



​Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to dance in heels.
A.  That’s okay. Barefoot and foot undies are recommended to start. We also do "Heels Week" once a month, beginning of the month. 

Q. Do you offer drop in classes?
A. Absolutely.  You can pay for a single class and show up anytime.  We offer different packaged pricing too. Click here for pricing.



Q. My boyfriend wants to come watch me dance, are men allowed to attend class?
A. Unfortunetly we don't allow men into our pole classes except our more advanced classes and open gym. But we have two showcases a year, friends and family are welcome to come watch those tough tricks you've been working on!


Q. I’m a guy. I want to take class.
A. Working towards coed classes, stay tuned! 

Q. I’m really liking this. How often should I train to get really good and do all the cool tricks?
​A.We recommend training a minimum of 3 hours a week to be the best pole dancer you can be.


Q. Can I bring my child to class?
A. Sure! As long as they wait in the seating area and don't disturb class. If you are wanting to sign your child up for classes parent must sign waiver in studio.
Q. Hey, I want to progress super fast. I’ve been watching videos of sexy upside down tricks I want to learn.  What class should I take?
A. Intro to Pole or the dance classes would be great so you get a solid foundation to move on to more intermediate tricks. For a more challenging class we would recommend Pole Climbs and Inversions.  
Q. Do you offer private lessons?
A. Of course!  Private lessons are a great way to get individualized help to focus on what you need. Click here for pricing options.


Q. My best friend is getting married! Do you offer bachelorette parties?
A. Congratulations! Yes, it's a very popular theme for bachelorette parties. 
Nothing like getting down on a pole with your best girlfriends. We offer 60min, 90min and 120min parties. 
Click here for party information.
Q. Can I do a pole party for my birthday?
A. Absolutely.  We can cater to any party theme. Click here for party information.

Q. I am no longer able to take classes. Am I able to cancel my membership?
A. Yes, just email requesting a cancelation.